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The Side Gig

We’re fully into 2020 now. The holidays seem to be a faded memory of long ago, the snowy weather is here for good now, and the bills might be piling up.

When you were living in a two-income household, they seemed to be easier to manage (or juggle), less of a stress. But keeping up with standard living expenses is not easy on your own, especially if you had been doing it together for a long time. You seem to become instantly more cognizant of the lights that are left on, the water running, doing laundry before “cheap time”, and questioning lifestyle needs like “do I actually need cable television? Or can I get by with a simple Netflix subscription?” These are all common thoughts, in fact they’re incredibly normal.

While trying to keep your head above water – financially – perhaps your full-time job just isn’t cutting it. It doesn’t mean that you need to quit or leave for something that pays better. ESPECIALLY if it’s a job that you really enjoy.

There’s always the side hustle. Whether you call it a pet project, side hustle, side gig, or something else, there’s no shame in taking up a second job to help make ends meet. Actually you’d be surprised how much you’ll actually enjoy it. According to StatsCan, at the end of 2019, an astonishing 12.9% of the Canadian workforce reported part-time income from multiple sources.

The great thing about a second job is that you have the opportunity to find something that you really enjoy because making top dollar isn’t at the top of your list. For example, if you love to read, take a look at local bookstores. Or if you love cosmetics, make-up stores are often looking for cashiers on evenings and/or weekends. And not only will this potentially give you extra funds to help you out, but many retail stores offer a great discount to employees. If you often spend money on these items, you’ll further save with these discounts. Any extra money in your pocket at the end of the day helps, right?

A friend of mine had great success in her side hustle. She worked an admin job for a large corporation. She knew that she enjoyed writing, but didn’t have the opportunity to write as often as she liked. By frequently listening to podcasts, she caught wind that one of her idols, a music journalist, was hiring writers for his podcast. So, she applied. A month went by and she received an email that she had been accepted to submit pieces. Soon enough, the show needed a producer and they asked her to come on. The great thing was she was making fantastic supplementary income, supporting her passion, and still working her full-time admin role to keep up with her financial responsibilities. She worked her deadlines so they were easy to manage, and she was happy!

I used to clean stores on evenings and weekends on top of my full-time career just to make ends meet. I know a gal who does professional make-up for wedding parties on weekends. Many bartenders have a full-time gig on top of their bartending. How many actors/actresses wait on tables to pay the bills while working their craft?

A side hustle can be just as enjoyable as it can be profitable. Most importantly, it can be taking care of your needs and what’s best for you and your family.

As always, I’m here to answer your questions and lead you in the right direction. Remember, you’re not alone. Contact me today!

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