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Paying It Forward

Years ago, when I was going through my first divorce, I was lost. I had just left my husband of 17 years, and a Stepford Wife’s life that left me ill-prepared to start over on my own with three children.

When the matrimonial house was sold, I had nowhere to go. I was in the middle of a divorce, had no credit and was still trying to sort out my next steps. A Realtor® friend of mine came to my rescue.

She had a vacant rental property and offered it to me – lease free – for as long as I needed it. I could not afford cable, had one pot and just enough dishes for one meal, and we slept on mattresses on the floor.  It was the safe haven that I needed for myself and my children, giving me time and space to reflect on my next steps.

I could never put a price on this generous act and how it saved me, and I vowed then and there I would one day pay it forward. And this month, that dream is realized with the launch of The Lily Pads.

The Lily Pads is a culmination of this vision to pay forward the generosity that was shown to me years ago. It started with a home I bought after my second divorce. A little fixer upper that had an annex at the back that was ideal for a quaint rental unit. My vision was forming.

This annex would turn into the Summit Suite and has helped numerous people with space to heal, to reflect, or to start anew.

Today, the Summit Suite is joined by two additional units now available lease-free to those needing temporary, furnished accommodation in Kitchener. Together, they are affectionately known as The Lily Pads.

The Lily Pads are designed to be a comfortable place to call home when you are “between pads”. Each one has been designed with its own personality, reflecting some important and influential people in the lives of myself and my husband.  The Liliane is inspired by my husband’s mother, who forged a new life for her family in Canada after the War. And The FUNky Revival, inspired by my good friend Linda who’s generosity started me on this path all those years ago.

Whether going through your own divorce and needing a place to stay, a corporate executive in need of a home away from home, a recent transplant from another city or you just need some space to reflect and heal, The Lily Pads are your safe haven.

Learn more at or reach out to me directly.

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